Tips to Help Children Overcome their Fear of Dentists

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Tips to Help Children Overcome their Fear of Dentists

Children are known for how easily distracted they get. One can see them flitting about from one place to another without any motivation to sit still. However, dental visits can pose as a problem to children who prefer to continue flitting rather than sit still in the dental chair where a stranger would want to check their teeth and possibly start some treatment. The fear of dentists can easily be understood among kids. Here are some ways you can try to help children overcome their fear of dentists:

Start dental visits early

As is said, prevention is always better than cure. Applying that logic, ensuring that your child never develops a fear of dentists can work better for you. This can be done by starting dental visits early. Rather than waiting until your child is old enough to understand ‘fear’, start your child’s dental visits as soon as they start teething.

For those with children older than two, trying other tactics mentioned below can work better.

Role play with your child

Kids love to play; and they especially love to role-play. Use this to your advantage. Try playing dentist with them where you do the usual things that a dentist is likely to do such as counting teeth, using a mirror to observe their teeth, etc. Allow them to re-enact with their toys. This can help prepare them for the visit and for the check-up as well.

Avoid using negative terms

One thing parents need to understand when explaining the concept of oral care to their children is to avoid using negative terms such as pain, discomfort, etc. that are commonly associated with dental visits. Instead being simple in your explanation can help children understand oral hygiene and dental visits better.

Don’t bribe your children

Another mistake many parents make is bribing their children to convince them for a dental visit. Telling them to ‘be a good boy/girl at the dentist’s’ or ‘don’t cry at the dentist’s’ in exchange for candy can make them more nervous by making them feel that there is indeed something that could make them cry when they are at the dental clinic.

Doing all of the above can help you get your child to overcome their fear of your family dentist in Werribee, setting their oral hygiene right.