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Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure which is a part of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry involves many procedures which work towards improving the appearance of the teeth. Most of us regularly consume foods and drinks which lead to the discolouration of the teeth. Some people confuse teeth whitening with teeth cleaning but these two procedures are very different from one another. Teeth whitening only helps in bettering the colour of the teeth whereas teeth cleaning works towards getting rid of the germs. Teeth whitening is not for solving your dental problems! Everyone wishes for a pretty bright smile and most people, therefore, opt for teeth whitening. Well, after the teeth whitening procedure you need to concentrate on not eating certain foods and drinks. Opt for a dentist in Point Cook and get a perfect smile. Here are some foods and drinks which you must avoid after teeth whitening.

Tea and coffee

Even if you consume tea and coffee on a regular basis you need to control its intake after the teeth whitening procedure. These caffeinated drinks can cause your teeth to get stained almost immediately. If you have just undergone teeth whitening procedure then you must limit the intake of the stated beverages.

Avoid dark sauces

After the teeth whitening procedure you should avoid having dark coloured sauces like soy sauce, red pasta sauce, tomato ketchup, etc. Consuming these sauces can ruin the effect of the procedure. After the procedure avoid consuming these sauces for at least 24 hours. These sauces are extremely dark coloured and can ruin the effect of the procedure instantly. Additionally, you should also avoid consumption of red meat.

Red wine

Red wine is vibrant in its hue and causes staining of the teeth. It is essential to control the consumption of red wine after teeth whitening because it can lead to discolouration. If you want your teeth to remain bright you should replace red wine with white wine.

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