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Things To Know Before Going For Teeth Whitening

One of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry is teeth-whitening. Several people suffer from discoloured and stained teeth and in order to improve the teeth’s appearance, it is necessary to go for teeth whitening. There are several causes of teeth discolouration like poor dental care, excessive intake of coffee, tea and certain foods, age, etc. Many a times there are certain medical conditions too which affect the colour of the teeth. Habits such as smoking can also lead to discoloured teeth. Try out cosmetic dentistry in Werribee. Though teeth whitening is a very common procedure, one needs to consider a few important things before proceeding with the same.

Teeth whitening carried out once doesn’t last forever

Just like other cosmetic surgeries even teeth whitening has a limited validity. Usually, after the procedure, you can expect the results to stay for 6 months to 2 years. The after-care is very essential when it comes to maintaining the colour of the teeth after teeth whitening. Sometimes people go for teeth whitening again once the results have faded. However, this totally depends from one individual to another.

It will not solve dental problems

Many people assume that teeth whitening might also help in solving the other dental problems but that’s not true. Teeth whitening just improves the appearance of the teeth but that does not affect the other hassles. Moreover, it should be noted that if your tooth is already suffering from some problem then whitening may cause more irritation and pain.

Excessive whitening may cause dental problems

It is definitely good to have white shiny teeth but overdoing the whitening process might also cause harm to your teeth. The chemicals involved in the process can damage the tooth to a great extent and might also lead to permanent discolouration. It is better not to overdo the whitening process to avoid the dental damage. Sometimes, the damage is so grave that one has to pull out the whole tooth too.

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