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Dental Check Up

Routine check-ups and cleans are the most effective way to maintain healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath and to reduce the risk of dental emergencies (and expensive treatment) later on in life. Plaque is the soft deposit that sits on your teeth and eventually hardens to develop into tartar which leads to gum infections and loss of bone. Regular removal of plaque is very important for the health of your gums and thereby your teeth.

For patients who haven’t been regular at the dentist, we recommend a thorough dental check up in Tarneit of the teeth and gums, especially combined with a professional scale and clean. The first dental visit for your child is very important as it determines how they feel about going to the dentist for life. The kids are very receptive and respond well to the treatment when approached in a calm and relaxing manner.

At Tarneit Road Dental, we are committed to making your kids dental experience fun and comfortable.

The importance of regular dental visits for kids cannot be under emphasized. It helps in identifying any potential problems with their mouth, teeth, gums and lips in the early stages. It also helps make them familiarise with our staff and acclimatise them to the dental environment thereby making any potential treatment more acceptable by them. Whether you live in Tarneit or in the neighbouring suburbs, you can find the best dental clinic in us with expert dental check up so close to Hoppers Crossing.

At Tarneit Rd Dental, we have the facility of intaoral camera

The intraoral camera is a great diagnostic and educational tool that helps to view insides of the mouth. Patients are usually not aware of what is happening inside the mouth but with the aid of intraoral camera they can see it well and understand the need and importance of the procedure. That is why it is an exceptional educational tool. The images from the intraoral camera can be easily transferred and viewed on a monitor.

The intraoral camera we have at Tarneit Road Dental has superior image quality and sharpness that is supported by brilliant eight-point LED lighting. The proximity of the clinic from the neighbouring suburbs also makes it possible for you to get your dental check up near Point Cook from expert dentists and state-of-the-art technology.